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Swami Vivekanand Institute of Engineering & Technology Colleges has been declared a platform created by on brilliant innovative idea & encouraging efforts giving graceful contribution in establishing the institution.

Rules & Regulations

  • Weight age to internal and external assessment will be 25% and 75% respectively.
  • The minimum pass percentage is 40% in each theory and practical paper and 50 % in the aggregate.
  • Any student who has secured 50% aggregate but failed in individual paper (s) will be allowed to clear failed paper along with next higher semester examination like due paper (s), To clear failed paper(s) or due paper (s)student shall get two more additional chances in the next three consecutive examinations or before appearing in final examination.
  • In case a candidate fails to secure 50% aggregate will be declare failed. He / She will have to reappear in all theory papers or due papers where he/she has scored less than 50% along with higher semester examination to clear lower semester examination. Candidate will get two or more chance before the commencement of final semester examination to clear the due paper.
  • Failed student(s) of due papers will have to deposit prescribed fee for each examination separately.
  • He / She will have to appear according to the current syllabus adopted for a particular session
  • After availing two additional chance student who have not passed in all failed papers or due papers and want to continue their study in same course will be treated as fresh student. Their all passed result will be cancelled and they will get admission in semester first or as per rules of lateral entry scheme in permitted course.
  • Candidate who have passed in all theory papers and failed in practical & Viva Voce examinations will be declared failed and they will be required to reappear in the practical examination only at the next examination as ex-student. He/She will have to deposit the declared fee by the University. His previous assignment will be taken in account for declaration of the result.
  • If a student has already passed in practical & Viva Voce examinations and failed in theory examination will not be required to reappear in the practical examination when he reappears in theory papers at the subsequent examination as an ex-student.
  • Grace Marks:
    a) As per University rules a maximum of 06 marks i. e. 1% of the total aggregate marks in a semester examination will be awarded to a candidate.
    b) Candidates loosing their I (First) division by only one marks, shall be eligible to one bonus marks. Division is awarded to a student at the end of semester IV, VI & VIII as per scheme adopted on the following basis:
Ist with Honour
70 % and above
Ist Division
60 % and above but less than 70 %
IInd Division
50 % and above but less than 60 %
  • Re-evaluation of answer books shall not be permissible. However, re-totaling is permitted as per University Rules. Application for scrutiny of marks or re-totaling should be submitted to the Director, Directorate of Distance Education on plain paper along with the requisite fee of Rs. 75 per paper within 30 days from the date of declaration of the result. It is permissible in theory papers only, original marksheet should be enclosed with application.
  • In case a candidate fails to secure the aggregate marks and has passed in all individual papers prescribed for the examination shall be deemed to have passed in each such paper in which he / she has secured at least 50% marks and he / she will be deemed to have failed in such paper in which they have secured less than 50% marks. In this situation to obtain 50% aggregate a candidate will have to reappear in that paper/papers in which they have been unable to obtain 50% marks for this purpose additional chances will be given as ex-student before the consecutive of final examination.
  • Not withstanding any other University rules in this behalf, a student shall not be given any chance to improve the division / marks in any paper or papers.
  • Students having secured less than 50% marks and failed in a maximum of three papers i.e. (below 40% in individual paper) may be promoted to the next semester provided the aggregate total marks become 50% or more taking a minimum of 40% marks in these three papers.
  • Failures will be allowed to appear at the ensuing examination as ex-students, only two chance will be permitted. He will be considered to be out of this stream whether the opportunity is availed or not. He / She will have to appear according to the current syllabus adopted for a particular session.
  • University will have the right to change the rules without any prior information.
  • Incase, any mistake is detected in the marksheet, after it has been issued, the University will have the right to call it back and cancel the same. A fresh marksheet will be issued on its place.